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Kenya – A haven for dirty money?
Dec 19, 2013 Illicit finance flowing into Kenya has jumped five fold in a decade. Kenya is the easiest place in the world to open a shell company. Global financial regulators tag Kenya as a high risk place for money laundering and terrorist finance, and the World Bank is studying the problem for regional anti-corruption agencies. Yet the government is pushing ahead with plans to turn Nairobi into an international financial centre. Is it building instead a major haven for laundering dirty money? Join an online chat to discuss the findings of the Thomson Reuters Foundation exclusive: Chic Nairobi throbs to the beat of dirty money Guests:John Githongo, anti-corruption expert in Kenya Alex Cobham, senior analyst on illicit financial flows, Center for Global Development, London Raymond Baker, president of Global Financial Integrity, Washington
Zombie Data: Has open data failed to live up to its hype? Oct 28, 2013 Tim Large, editor-in-chief of Thomson Reuters Foundation, will moderate an expert roundtable discussion in which he will ask whether the open data movement has lived up to its promise to hold governments and corporations to account.This select group of public policy, corporate and civil society experts will seek to explore some of the challenges of open data, what has worked and what hasn’t. It will also attempt to draw out lessons learned to ensure that society does not end up with what Daniel Kaufmann of Revenue Watch calls “zombie data,” enormous collections of data that lackpurpose and insight.
Sex, money and birth control Jul 17, 2013 Neglecting investment in reproductive health services, particularly in developing countries, exacts major economic costs—just as addressing these needs provides a robust return on investment. That's just one of the subjects Thomson Reuters Foundation and the World Bank will discuss in a live debate on Wednesday, July 17 from 10 a.m. EST (3 p.m. BST). Submit your questions to our experts panel here, or via Twitter via #reprohealthinvest.
Astrid test Jul 3, 2013 - 7:39 AM EST
SECRET MONEY - G8 and Tax Havens Jun 19, 2013 Has the G8 pulled back the veil on tax havens and dirty money? Raffaele Russo, OECD tax expert; and Heather Lowe, counsel at Global Financial Integrity; Tom Bergin, Reuters correspondent
test Jun 18, 2013 - 12:33 PM EST This is a test
Secret Money Jun 19, 2013 Has the G8 pulled back the veil on tax secrecy? Join a live debate with experts on financial transparency and why it matters for human rights and development. Guests include Raffaela Russo, tax expert at the OECD Centre on Tax Policy; Tom Bergin, and Reuters correspondent who has exposed corporate tax evasion.
#WomenChangeMakers on International Women's Day 2013 Mar 8, 2013
Trust Women Conference Dec 6, 2012 - 12:21 PM EST Putting the rule of law behind women’s rights
Live tweets from the ACI's FCPA Conference in the United States Nov 17, 2012
Test Nov 1, 2012
Combating Corruption Nov 15, 2012 Brasilia hosts the world’s largest gathering of anti-corruption experts Nov. 5 week. Join the live debate here.
Education for All: youth, skills, work Oct 16, 2012 Education for all global monitoring report 2012
Reporting on international security and terrorism Jun 13, 2011 A seminar for journalists, London, June 6 - 8, 2011
Push back at domestic violence Jun 13, 2011 Tweets and updates from Success in the City and our partners.
International Women's Day 2011 Mar 11, 2011 TrustLaw Women, Thomson Reuters and Reuters mark the centenary

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